Calallen High School
Calallen High School Needs Your Support. Ready to Chip In?
If you’re a local business owner, you’re already making a positive impact in your community. But what if you could help raise funds for organizations you care about, like Calallen High School, without spending any extra time or money? Complete the form at right to sign up for more information, and help support Calallen High School.

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Support local schools without spending a thing.
Integrity's Gift is an easy way for businesses to make a difference in the lives of local students at no extra cost. When you sign up for credit card processing through the program's sponsor, Integrity Payment Systems, a portion of Integrity's revenue will be donated to a local school. Integrity matches your current rates, so you pay nothing extra to participate.

Earn customer loyalty by supporting your community.
Local customers like supporting local businesses — especially when it benefits a local school. As an Integrity's Gift merchant, you'll receive an attractive window decal to show your spirit. Integrity will do their part to encourage the parents and local consumers to support local businesses like yours on social media and the website. Please take a moment to follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook.

Where does the money come from?
After matching your current card processing rates, Integrity donates 35% of its own net revenue to a local school, every month! You pay nothing more — and money you are already spending now stays in your town to support your programs and your youth.

Sign up today to support a local school. It's FREE.
Supporting a local school with Integrity's Gift is easy — and you don't have to buy or sell a thing. Simply enter your E-mail address and phone number to receive more information.

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