Integrity’s Gift Announces New Website and Expanded Focus

Established Fundraising Program Expands to Nonprofits and Religious Organizations

Integrity’s Gift launched a new website at Already successful in raising funds for school athletic programs nationwide, Integrity’s Gift is expanding its focus to include fundraising for nonprofit and religious organizations. The website includes information about how the program connects organizations to local businesses to raise money through Integrity’s own net revenue.

“When we came up with the idea of Integrity’s Gift, the intention was always to give back to communities and noble causes through our business,” said Mike Ponder, CEO & President of Integrity. The new website takes this intention to the next level by expanding the focus of fundraising to include nonprofits and religious organizations.

When businesses sign up for credit card processing through Integrity Payment Systems, Integrity’s Gift will donate a portion of their revenue to a participating organization, or organizations if the business wishes to divide these funds. This provides an ongoing source of financial contributions for the organization the business wishes to support.

Integrity matches the credit card processing rates business owners are paying and donates part of these fees through Integrity’s Gift to participating programs. Joining the program is free to business owners. Furthermore, local business owners can form a group to support the causes near and dear to them.

The expansion of the Integrity’s Gift website includes

  • Detailed information about the benefits of the program and how it works, including video content and testimonials.

  • News on how Integrity’s Gift is working to support school programs, nonprofits, and religious organizations.

  • A directory of participating businesses and merchants.

  • A directory of gift recipients.

Kevin Pinter, Ministry Coordinator for Promised Land Ministries, celebrates Integrity’s Gift by observing “There’s only so much individuals and churches have to give. The blessing with Integrity’s Gift is there is no end to the amount that can be growing and going to Promise Land.”

The new website now clearly communicates this unique fundraising opportunity for nonprofits and religious organizations.

For more information about Integrity’s Gift, visit and connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ or Instagram.

About Integrity’s Gift

Integrity’s Gift is a fundraising program sponsored by Integrity Payment Systems. Integrity’s Gift gives businesses a free, easy way to support programs while providing organizations with ongoing fundraising. Learn more at


Posted On: 2017-01-19 13:25:00
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