Integrity’s Gift to Support Belton High School Athletics

Belton High School joins other Texas school districts as a participant in Integrity's Gift, a unique fundraising program that has decided to make a recurring financial donation to Belton High School's athletic program every month.

High school athletic programs are often underfunded in the school's annual budget, requiring parents and players to fundraise every year to cover the extra costs. Integrity's Gift will help alleviate the financial burden on the Belton High School athletic department by providing the school with recurring monthly revenue to fund expenses such as uniforms, equipment and travel.

"Very rarely in school fundraising do you find a win-win situation, that is truly is a win-win situation," said Bob Shipley, Belton High School's Head Football Coach. "Integrity's Gift is a great opportunity for businesses to support their local high school and athletes without having to write a check. It's money they're already spending and it just didn't make sense not to do it."

How Integrity's Gift Works
When local businesses sign up for credit card processing through Integrity Payment Systems, Integrity will donate a significant percentage of its revenue back to the Belton High School athletic department, providing ongoing financial support for the team. Integrity Payment Systems will match the credit card processing rates that business owners are currently paying, so participating in the program costs them nothing.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving
About a dozen Texas school districts, including schools in Wimberley, Wylie and Abilene are currently enrolled in Integrity's Gift. Some of those schools earn as much as $1,000 per month from Integrity's Gift—money that goes directly to the athletic department and the student athletes.

Integrity's Gift is a win-win for business owners. Not only does it allow businesses to support to their favorite local high school team without paying a dime, it also creates a unique word-of-mouth marketing opportunity for businesses.

Any participating business will receive its own listing on the Integrity's Gift website as well as complementary social media marketing to drive more traffic to the business, boosting sales and increasing the "gift" to the school.

Community members are also a valuable part of this program—by supporting local businesses who participate in Integrity's Gift, families and individuals are able to give back to the Belton High School Athletic Department.

About Integrity Payment Systems
Integrity Payment Systems is a leading provider of merchant accounts and payment solutions for small and mid-sized businesses. Integrity provides its customers with the capability to accept a full range of payment options; including: credit, debit and EBT card processing, POS system support and integration, gift and loyalty programs, fraud control, PCI compliance and risk management assistance. Integrity also goes beyond the typical credit card processing company to provide a variety of proprietary business solutions designed to help customers improve their cash flow, solve business problems and grow their business.

For more information, or to sign up for the Gift program, visit: or contact Clare Toledo at (866) 988-4882 or at

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Posted On: 2015-07-28 15:31:00
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