You make a difference in your community every day — but what if you could make an impact that lasts a lifetime? With support from Integrity’s Gift, a FREE fundraising program sponsored by Integrity Payment Systems, you can help your school, religious organization or nonprofit group earn more funding.


  1. You don’t have to buy or sell a thing. Unlike other fundraising programs, Integrity’s Gift does not require your organization or its members and supporters to buy or sell anything. Instead, we partner with local businesses, which sign up for credit card processing services from Integrity Payment Systems, the program’s sponsor. They pay nothing to enroll, and after matching current card processing rates, Integrity donates 35% of its own net revenue to your organization, every month!

  2. Organizations earn a recurring revenue source — not a one-time gift. Instead of repeating one fundraiser after another, your organization receives a regular monthly check that keeps growing as more businesses participate. Because of this, its financial potential far exceeds other fundraisers.

  3. Integrity’s Gift is good for businesses. Customers like supporting local businesses, and Integrity’s Gift lets them know which businesses are participating in the program, ands which organizations are being supported as a result. It’s free for local businesses, which are already paying processing fees. Integrity matches current rates, so they pay nothing more.

Benefits Include:

  • FREE Organization leads page
  • Promotion of your organization through social media
  • Ongoing growth of your program from our sales team
  • Monthly reports of your earning and program participants
  • A check mailed straight to your door every month
  • Marketing resources to help you promote the program yourself
Take fundraising further with Integrity’s Gift.
It’s easy to start and you can begin today.