Raise money without selling or buying a thing.
Forget about bake sales and car washes. Integrity's Gift makes fundraising for schools, churches and nonprofit organizations easy.
Create a recurring revenue source for your organization.
Donations may not come in every month — but bills do. Integrity's Gift gives your organization a monthly paycheck to use for anything you need.
Multiply revenue with support from your community.
Partner with local businesses that care about your cause. When communities work together, we can do great things.

Why Integrity's Gift?
With Integrity's Gift, a new fundraising program sponsored by Integrity Payment Systems, you can give your organization a recurring revenue source that continues to fund your efforts, all year long.
How does it work?
It's easy! Simply join Integrity's Gift, at no cost, and tell local businesses about your participation in the program. Businesses sign up with Integrity Payment Systems for credit card processing, and enroll in the Integrity's Gift Program, benefiting your organization. Integrity will then match the card processing rates businesses are currently paying, and donate 35% of its own net revenue to your organization every month.
How do businesses join?
Integrity's Gift costs nothing for businesses, which are already paying card processing rates. It keeps the money they are already spending in the community and supports community organizations like yours — all at no extra cost.
Who can join?
Integrity's Gift donates funds to a variety of organizations, including school athletic programs, religious organizations and nonprofit groups. Click here to sign up your organization. For-profit businesses may also join, in order to support organizations they care about. Click here to enroll your business.

Your business can make a difference.

Local businesses impact communities in a big way, bringing jobs, economic opportunities, and better goods and services. But what if there was a way to make an even greater difference — without spending any extra time or money? Integrity's Gift makes it easy for businesses to help local schools, religious organizations and other nonprofit groups, at no extra cost.
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Schools and communities everywhere are raving about Integrity's Gift.
Read some of their
stories below.

"Participating in Integrity's Gift made total sense to me. Integrity matched my current rate, and now Integrity financially supports our programs and our youth, every month. From one business owner to another, I encourage you to enroll. It's easy, and it helps us all out."

Dr. Bart Bourland
Bourland~Soben Dentistry

"As a small business owner, Integrity's Gift helps give your business more visibility online and encourages your community to shop with you, just for being part of the program."

Ty Taggart
Owner, Chisholm Trail Flooring

"Integrity made it so easy to switch over and helped me support our local school without spending anything extra out of pocket."

Alisia Mullikin
Owner, Classic Stitch

"We were up and running in a matter of minutes with Integrity's Gift, and to know that we're able to keep part of our credit card fees in the local community was a huge plus."

Ken Turner
Owner, Hometown Hardware
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